New Member Information

Please click here to access the information on benefits of membership & why you should become a Skål member.

Submitting your candidacy

If submitting paper version, please forward completed form to one of the executive members in order to process.

Fee Structure for New Members

All INCLUSIVE $720.50  (Savings of $50)

This includes a one-time regstration fee ($40), a full-year membership ($355.50) & 6 meeting fees ($325). The dinner meetings feature 3-4 course dinners with wine pairings and the lunch meeting is at a lower cost with no wine.

PAY AS YOU GO $445.50

This includes a one-time registration fee ($40), a full-year membership ($405.50) and you can pay for any meetings you attend. Dinner meetings are at $60 each (inclusive) and lunch meetings are at $25 each.

*Membership fees are reviewed yearly and based on the number of events/activities planned over the year. Membership invoices are provided in December and payable on January 1st.*